Can You Imagine How Hard It Must Be Doing Transcribing and Captioning for a Living?

We made videos of some science lectures and wanted to make them accessible to all students, including those with hearing impairments. This requires them to be precisely transcribed and captioned, but many captioning services only provide a 98 percent accuracy. The company we were looking at provides 99 percent accuracy. Surprisingly, that can mean the difference between a lot of errors for a video that is 30 minutes in length. We found that the company we were considering for online transcription and captioning services offers an Ultra service that lowers the error rate to .01. That means there is only the potential for one error about every seven minutes of video.

Why is this important? Well, for science lectures for the hearing impaired that have an impact on the final grade, it can be very important. Taking notes based on reading incorrect captioning of what the professor said could result in more errors in quizzes, testing and finals. Eliminating errors makes for the best experience, especially for distance learners who rely on video lectures. We were planning on creating a handout for each video to do a final correction of any errors. However, we were very pleased in that what did occur was minimal and inconsequential. I think this is great for a science lecture that is filled with jargon that only teachers and students would be familiar with.

I can't imagine having a job doing online transcription or captioning for a living. Can you imagine trying to interpret some of the widely varied accents English-speaking people have? I have a hard time with some of the words my own relatives who live just a few states away from me use. And they have the same problem with me. For example, we say "yunz" and they say "y'all when referring to a group of people. That's not too hard to figure out though. I'd say I have the worst time understanding my British neighbor and the guy from Jamaica I work with. I'd be at a loss transcribing for them. I'm just glad we found a service that could handle the scientific jargon we needed captioned and transcribed.

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We Had a Blast on Our California Trip

My husband promised me that I would be the one who got to choose our next vacation destination. We had gone to so many places that he liked, and it was only fair that I got to be part of he decision of what state we should visit. So, I chose California. My husband immediately thought here would be nothing to do, but he was very young. I had all sorts of plans for us like going on Hollywood sightseeing tours and even going to some of the major movie companies to get behind the scenes tours.

My husband is a very active man when it comes to working out. He looks fantastic, and you would never in a million years even assume that he is 65 years old. So, the thought of simply walking around Hollywood did not sound appealing to him at first. But once we got there, he loved it. He loved getting to see celebrities in all the magazines that I get, so it made sense that he would like to go on a celeb tour or two with me.

On the big day, we piled into a bus with many other eager passengers. We were driven around in some of the poshest neighborhoods in the area. I got to see the homes of my favorite TV stars. One of them even saw our bus outside his house as he was walking his dog. Our driver stopped the bus, let us all out and the big Hollywood star signed autographs for us. It was great, and it was the highlight of our trip. He is a pretty nice guy and signed autographs for 30 of us. It was so much fund to meet him, and that would not have happened if we had not booked this tour. It was fun, and I would do it again tomorrow if I could.

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Best Deals on Toasters for Bagels

I am going to try to get a new toaster soon, as just one of the new appliances that I am going to buy for my kitchen in the near future. I wish that it was easier to re-do a kitchen, but this has taken a lot of money and time so far, and I am not that close to done. Well, I am not that far from being done either, with respect to the beginning of the project. Anyway, I want to look at buying a red toaster, because I think that would go well with the other things that I have in the kitchen and the general color scheme that I am going for now.

I am not really sure how much it is going to take to decorate this the way that I want it to be, but it is going to take a good bit of effort, that is for sure. I am still trying to decide on a few things, and I just want to get things accomplished, because when I spend too much time worrying about decisions, then I feel like I am not getting anything done. So I am going to buy a toaster, and that will be an accomplishment, even if it is not a very big one.

What I want to get is a toaster that is big enough to toast bagels, as that is the main thing that I toast on a regular basis. But I also want to make sure that it is big enough to toast 4 slices of toast at the same time. I think toasters that are big enough to do that are much more worthwhile than the more traditional size of toasters. I often need to toast a good bit of toast for breakfast and so it makes it easier.

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