An Adventure in Marketing a New Product on a National Level

If you go into a convenience store over to the refrigerated beverage section you probably can guess just about how much space will be taken up with tea products. There are so many brands and flavors that there is not enough space to display all that is available. If you are a beverage company that is selling tea products that are already chilled, you need to have an edge in the market to make any money at it. We hired a San Francisco marketing recruiter to get us key sales personnel for our company to get us into every store we could possibly get into from coast to coast.

We finally were making it as a small beverage company that was selling our flavored and regular teas locally. As most CEOs of beverage companies think, I was convinced we had the best product out there. Our commitment to organics and sustainable resources was only part of our claim to fame. The real tea taste of our products was what set us apart. Many companies are looking for easy ways to produce huge batches of tea from tea that is, in my opinion, questionable. My British grandmother knew how to brew a fresh cup of tea that smelled and tasted like you expected tea to be. My mother Americanized it into the best iced tea the neighborhood ever tasted. I learned how to turn it into a product that could be refrigerated and have a stable shelf life and would not turn cloudy. The best part is that it still tasted like grandma's tea!

What did I know about selling it beyond our local region? Nothing. I had no idea of how to approach marketing a product like this that would be distributed around the country. We had to find bottlers in locations a thousand miles away that could precisely reproduce our product using our raw ingredients and their water sources. All of this is part of selling a product nationwide. Our experts we hired from finding them through the San Francisco marketing recruiter is what is helping us take things to a national level. It's a fun journey when you have the right people on your side.

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An App for Summer Campers

I have worked at the same summer camp for nearly 20 years, so it has been really interesting watching the changes that have occurred. Technology has been the biggest change, which is evident by one of the tasks that I was assigned to do this year. I have always kept up to date with technology, so I wasn't surprised when the camp director asked me to come up with an app idea that Massive Infinity could turn into a reality. All of the kids who come to camp are allowed to bring their cell phones, and we have not had any come without one in the last three years.

The camp director has seen them using different apps on their phones, which is why he wanted to have one that was related to their summer with us. We all put our heads together and even asked a few of the campers for their opinions, and we knew that we had the best app possible at the end of our week long brainstorming session. We were going to have them develop an app that was filled with the different activities that we offer, and it would let each child make their own schedule on certain days.

We do offer a lot of activities, from sports to crafts to things like singing and hiking. There are so many things that kids find it hard to know what to do. Answering questions on the app will show them what suits them best, and it will even let them know if they are able to do other activities in the day if their time is not filled in. The app company we contacted was able to create it for us quickly and easily, and the kids all love it. They are able to get more out of their summer camp experience now that they can organize it better with the app!

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A Property Designed for Retirement

My husband and I decided to sell an extra piece of property that we have had for a few years. We had every intention of tearing down the house on it and rebuilding a summer cottage for our family. However, as the kids got older, we realized that they had no interest in spending their summer months away from their friends. We decided to sell it, and we will look for something else when we retire down the road. Selling it involves finding Sacramento real estate appraisers along with someone who wants to buy it.

I didn't think we would have any problem with finding a buyer, because it is a really nice piece of property. Anyone who likes it will probably want to tear down the house like we were going to. The property is that nice! Anyway, my husband put out some feelers, and we got a few bites. There was an elderly couple who really liked it and wanted it to be their retirement home, and that is the reason why we chose them. They just reminded us so much of what we wanted to be in 30 years. Their offer was generous, which started us on our search for the right real estate appraiser.

We knew that the responsibility of having it appraised was on us. We also knew that it was going to be easier than most appraisals because it was mainly about the property and not the house on it. The house was very old and had little value, and the elderly couple wanted to tear it down as well. The appraiser we chose had a reasonable rate for a drive by appraiser, and he had it to us within two days of completing it. Everything was so seamless, and I hope that it goes as smoothly for us when we make this move after retirement.

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